20 Year Lithium-Ion Battery


By Paul Silli

Discovery: Are you tired of replacing your expensive rechargeable batteries? Those days may soon be over if your “techie” devices run on Lithium batteries.

A new lithium-ion battery, it is said,  could last for more than 20 years; making it’s lifespan longer then the device you purchased it for…

Modern gadgetry such as the hour-glass clock runs off battery power, so it’s not surprising that lots of time is spent researching alternatives to finding new power options from a battery cell. Nikkei Company is reporting that its Ea


mex in Osaka, Japan, has developed a lithium-ion battery that will last for more than 20 years of regular use — that’s 10,000 charges with no replacement (what an incredible cost saving technology). Talk about going GREEN. 😉

The key to the long-lasting lithium-ion battery is in its design; the tin that is used for a battery’s negative electrode weakens through continual charging and recharging. The new design, however, calls for a tin-coated resin plating — that stabilizes the electrodes and prevents deterioration and majorly prolongs battery life. You can look forward to seeing these exciting, new batteries debut in electric devices such as watches and power scooters sometime this year.

So, what do you think? Could this new technology be helpful to you? How would this battery be good for our environment? Please comment.


12 Responses to “20 Year Lithium-Ion Battery”

  1. cesar Says:

    thats is very cool

  2. edith r. Says:

    that would be really great for saving energy. And going green!

  3. alondra Says:

    good idea(good thinkin)=]

  4. marissa m Says:

    i think that was a good idea

  5. Tatialy Says:

    Thats intersesting(:

  6. Brooke Mendez Says:

    That would be amazing to have a batterie like that. It won’t take up as much energy as a phone these days.

  7. Anayeli Q. Says:

    This is”cool.” People would really go”GREEN”

  8. Daniela O Says:

    i think it would be graet if these batteries were to star selling on the market. they would help our ecology more because we would be putting a lot of toxins in the air. i would buy this because i always get tired of buying new batteries ever 6 or so months

  9. Tatialy Says:

    Batteries are an expencive thing so its good that this onw will last 20 years(: . . so its a great thing that you wont have to be buying new batteries every week or so! And its good that you dont have to be worrying about chargeing it all the time(:

  10. alyissa Says:

    i thought this was a very cool idea =)

  11. JoannQ Says:

    Having batteries that will last that long and charge as we go along with our day will be great especially since I forget to charge my cell phone. Plus it will be good for the environment. If they can make it big enough to fit into a car then we could also save gas money. That would be amazing.

  12. Mary Mimouna Says:

    I appreciated your explaination about the tin weakening with repeated recharges. I always wondered about these questions, but didn’t know which questions to ask! A very clear explaination. Thank you.

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