Common Core

CommonCoreLGBy Paul Silli

Common Core, established by the nation’s governors and education commissioners — ads state and federal standards for K12 students that defines how learners should be taught and what subjects they should know to prepare them for college and beyond.

According to Core Standard.Org, states and districts recognize the need for new support materials available to teach students with a special emphasis in English Language Arts and Mathematics. To implement the standards each state has authority to decide “exactly” what type of materials will be used. This state initiative allows for a lot of leeway.

Common Core has six main standard areas. Students are to gain…
1. Research and evidence based skills
2. Understand and have clear, consistent communication
3. Be aligned with college preparation and career expectations
4. Acquire rigorous content in the development of higher-order thinking skills
5. Head learning that is built upon the strengths and lessons of “current” state standards
6. And be informed by top-performing countries to prepare students for success in our global economy and society

Many states have started testing to evaluate where students are in acquiring these skills… new instructional content is underway. There also seems to be a lot of controversy about its purpose. (?)


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