Should teachers be allowed to search student backpacks?

By Paul Silli

What was designed to hold textbooks and school supplies now seems to carry things like knives, candy and MP3 players. Today many students use backpacks to store items that often have nothing to do with their education. But should  teachers have the right to search student backpacks?

It is a tough question! If we want to teach our kids about respect, trust and responsibilities — so they grow to be valuable citizens in society, how do we accomplish this while maintaining their right to privacy (although they are under 18)? This pertains to the 4th Amendment.

If a student is accused of bringing a weapon or maybe on a lighter note — an electronic device that is not allowed on campus and a teacher is told about it… what should be the protocol? It is a teacher’s responsibility to provide a safe, learning environment. However, how can we effectively teach students about privacy laws if we violate their property?

Reaction time! What do you think?