Hybrid Learning… the new wave

By Paul Silli

Hybrid instruction refers to some K-12 & college classes offered to students where there is both traditional classroom instruction (first-hand meet and greet) and online learning activities accessed through the Internet.

Hybrid classes can effectively combine Blooms Taxonomy and the Core Knowledge Sequence. Students have the opportunity to make meaningful connections with their teachers — yet are no longer required to travel to campus everyday in order to attend courses because a lot of the workload can be accessed online.

Going Hybrid

In order to make a class “Internet-ready,” many teachers need to adjust their class instruction and move away from traditional lecture materials. In doing so, they are making their lessons more  beneficial than using traditional classroom instruction. Rather than having students sit in a lecture hall taking notes, teachers now can offer many “active-learning” activities such as researching case studies, emailing essays, promote self-tests, offer in-depth tutorials, create podcasts that can be used to review instructional material, and develop interactive online projects. I use Google Docs to give students group projects online. It is free and user-friendly.

For example, I have many Internet activities and podcasts within my Silli’s Tech Class website. The content on my site is derived from using the ISTE Standards and created for middle school (5-8) students. Here is my site: http://sillitech.wordpress.com/

Are Hybrid Education methods a better way to teach? Let me know your thoughts. 🙂