Why own a dog? Lifelong learning

By Paul Silli

Mini Schnauzer

Mini Schnauzer

It’s simple. Owning a dog or any animal that you can pet offers your family many lifelong experiences. Pets provide opportunities for your kids to learn “hands-on” responsibilities in caring, loving and maintaining the life of another. After all, pets rely on you to give them a happy, safe home. Owning a dog can also help your kids develop character building skills.

Here are some other key-benefits to owning a dog:

  1. Regular dog-walking improves fitness for the whole family.
  2. Dog-walking increases social interactions because you will meet other dog owners.
  3. Walks help you to forget the daily worries of life… your dog will make you smile.
  4. Dogs provide you with a real sense of emotional well-being.
  5. Dog owners are generally healthier than non-pet owners.
  6. Dog ownership helps people to recover from personal trauma, such as grief.
  7. Dog owners generally have reduced blood pressure because patting a dog relieves stress.
  8. Owning a dog provides you with a loyal and loving companion. You are never alone. 🙂

If you are considering adopting a dog please be ready to make a serious commitment. Ownership is not part-time… it is a perpetual journey. To help you find a dog visit: Pet Finder


2 Responses to “Why own a dog? Lifelong learning”

  1. Sharon Comer Says:

    Very good information. I really like your site, so far. The funny videos are spot on.

  2. gatorball Says:

    Thanks for your feedback and compliment. I appreciate it.

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