Teaching Driver’s Ed

By Paul Silli

I am a classroom teacher who has taught both traditional and block scheduling. Normally I teach 5-classes per day at 50 minutes long. When the bell rings — I receive another set of students. However, when you teach at a summer driver’s education school it is divided into 10-sessions a week at two sessions per day. Each session is “three hours long” with a class size of about 20 to 40+ students. You generally see the same students for an entire week. It is important to plan well and keep your activities moving and fun.

Drivers Education content is dry– so try to be enthusiastic and upbeat with the content material.

Lessons consist of teaching your learners how to identify street signs, offer many defensive driving skills — to knowing how to drive in residential, urban and rural environments.

As for resources you can use PowerPoint slides or write on a whiteboard, show movies and give hands-on activities.

Salary (per hour) is comparable to what you would earn if you worked as a substitute teacher at a district. Accountability however, is very high. For example, as a teacher you are responsible to have your students pass two comprehensive multiple choice exams. These assessments keep you on your toes! Additionally, you are student evaluated each week. Students get the chance to grade you and offer a critique of the class.

Overall, working at a driver’s education school has been a positive experience. If you are looking for a job that puts you in front of many eager-to-learn students then maybe working as a teacher is a good fit. It is rewarding.


One Response to “Teaching Driver’s Ed”

  1. Mike Says:

    I am thinking about becoming a teacher … can I email you with some questions.

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