What Technologies should High School students know?

By Paul Silli

To answer this question you must have a planning guide. I am using the ISTE Standards (International Society for Technology in Education). ISTE provides academic support to teachers in knowing what technologies should be taught for elementary, middle and high school students. Emphasis is on college prep.

ISTE recommends students learn how to use the Internet, develop word processing skills and create various presentations. Many programs such as MS Office, Adobe Photoshop and Weebly are used.

So, what should they know?

Students should learn how to produce multimedia presentations that contain rich content, graphics and video Podcasts. This includes creating projects that implement design, layout and editing. Students should also know how to research the Internet, use search-engines, setup email accounts and take digital notes. Teaching how to construct surveys & polls is helpful because it shows students how to gather and analyze data.

Group Presentations are important for collaborative learning. Using PowerPoint or Inspiration – allows members to share research with audiences. Learners can make slides, brochures, time-lines and other desktop publishing activities.

Additionally, it is important to make an Individual Portfolio. This is a larger, ongoing project that draws on many skill sets. You should use rubrics to evaluate progress. Individual Portfolios could be used to teach learners how to get a job or provide work samples and simulations that help them get into a specific college. The content should be visually appealing, include student interests and have a resume. (A wiki-website could feature this assignment).

You could also teach your students how to create and maintain a blog with video productions. For example, a subject could be: “How to purchase a used car?” — offering buying tips, purchase procedures and knowing what to look for in a model…

An advanced technology to teach would be Web Authoring. An introduction to HTML coding, Flash, layout and theme editing could be considered. ISTE also wants students to know how to develop spreadsheets and Data Bases. This teaches business skills in collecting, sorting and filing data. Programs such as Excel and Access are great. Studying computer hardware is valuable as well because learners begin to understand the science within the technology.

Finally, it is up to you and your school to decide what students should know. The best way to address this question is to identify how you plan on preparing your students for the world. Are you helping them learn skills they will use in our global economy? If the answer is “yes,” you are on track. 😉


4 Responses to “What Technologies should High School students know?”

  1. Kaatupoochi Jack Says:

    I must say that i have actually been very pleased with the level of quality and content material on this web site and I will undoubtedly be back for some more looking at and I would say it is also worth a bookmark!

  2. Paul Says:

    Thanks for your comments. They mean a lot and are appreciated.

  3. Patty Erchelin Says:

    Good deal. I like the portfolio. I will join your feed.

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