Controlling your computer class

By Paul Silli

How do you keep your students on task in a large computer class? Easy! Install remote control monitor software.

I have used InterClass to instruct, monitor, send feedback and evaluate students in a 30-seat computer class. InterClass allows me to see on my “administrative computer” what my students are doing on their computers. At my desktop I can offer suggestions to students — while keeping them working on their assignments.

With InterClass you can “remotely” control the opening and closing of programs, give live instruction, offer collaborative activities and grade students from one computer console. You can even show videos. You also can monitor student online activity… If you discover an inappropriate website — you can block it.

To run InterClass you do not need any extra cables or servers. Your existing server through either a LAN or WLAN will network your computers.

I enjoy using InterClass and appreciate its features. For example, you can organize small group-work where students create and edit projects.  You can also select a “group leader” and when the group starts working, the leaders computer will be shared with each member. Then each learner can “login-in” to the leaders computer which enables them to work as a team.

InterClass is just one of many remote monitor controller software programs available. There are others to choose from such as Smart Sync, Netop Vision and iTALC. Whatever you decide you will find installing remote control software is helpful.


2 Responses to “Controlling your computer class”

  1. Carry Peterson Says:

    Hello, Have you evr used Smart Syn? InterClass looks great but is somewhat costly

  2. elodiemaunder Says:

    Reblogged this on Striving for growth and commented:
    I think that one of our biggest fears as students looking to be teachers, even teachers who’re already in a classroom, is finding ways to keep control of our now technologically rounded classrooms. I’m Reblogging this post, because it gives us one (of many) options to make technology advantageous.

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