Tech and active learning

By Paul Silli

When students use technology as a “tool” and are given the outlet where  they can share their ideas with others they are in an “active role” of learning. Through active learning students have the opportunity to make decisions about how to create, edit and present their findings. Technology allows students to actively think about the information they are learning and then make choices that build lifelong skills. This is more effective than the typical teacher-lecture format.

When technology is used as a tool to support students in performing original tasks — students are in the position of defining specific goals, making design decisions and evaluating their own progress. Using technology offers ways to better engage learners making them more creative through hands-on work.

Teachers no longer have to be the center of discussion — but now can play the role of facilitator, setting clear rubric driven lessons where they can offer guidance and resources. This can be done through cooperative learning and student led interactions. As students work on their tech-projects, the teacher can move around the class and give constructive suggestions and reasons for design choices. The increased learning potential is limitless.


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