Hundreds of books at your fingers

By Paul Silli

I often see my three-foot tall, small framed students staggering through our narrow hallways with their backpacks hung to the sides filled with textbooks that weigh more than the kids… It’s painful to watch!

Students can now hold hundreds of books in the palm of their hand without breaking their backs. Plastic Logic Limited has developed a lightweight and durable educational eReader that offers learners the option to access electronic digital books that can be read —  all at the touch of a finger. The cost of the eReaders is about $69 per unit. This is inexpensive compared to tablets sold in today’s market that range from $300 to $900. Many K12 schools are purchasing eReaders which resemble a flat book.

The eReaders appear to make reading fun with their 7″ color LCD graphic display. The installed Android Operating System offers a “touch and go” user interface which allows learners to navigate where they can view books, perform Internet research, send emails, join SocNets and open many other resources. The portable battery-powered eReaders have a thin plastic ergonomic design and are available in several slick colors.

For teachers if you have eReaders this will remove the problem of students forgetting to bring their class assigned textbooks from home. This hand-held gadget may even increase student interest by making reading more enjoyable and interactive.

If your budget allows — it might be foreseeable to purchase a set of eReaders. 😉


2 Responses to “Hundreds of books at your fingers”

  1. Sherri Says:

    I love the idea and know many schools have the budget for them… but we don’t at Cambridge Ed. I am looking into getting a grant for the funds. Thank for the thoughts.

  2. Tomas Chi Says:

    Our school bought these. They are great. Thanks for the ideas.

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