What is a Charter School?

By Paul Silli

According to K-12.com (2010), Charter schools are primary or secondary schools that receive tax-based money – but are not subject to some of the rules and regulations that apply to many public schools. They still are accountable to earn acceptable state standardized test results, but are attended by choice to the public without private-fee tuitions.

Charters provide an alternative to public schools. Some parents are searching for new options for their children. For example, unlike many public schools, charters often “specialize” in certain educational fields such as the arts, sciences and mathematics.

Many charters become so popular that parents swarm to have their kids enrolled. Due to an often overwhelming number of applicants, some charters have to allocate a lottery system to admit new students.

Today, charter schools are a great opportunity for students to learn and enhance skills while still gaining the fundamental education that is offered at a public school. This may contribute to why there is an increasing demand to have more charter schools built within the public education system. Charter schools are growing in numbers and appear to be a developing trend.


One Response to “What is a Charter School?”

  1. Howard Casey Says:

    Interesting. I still do not completely understand how the school is a company but gets state tax based funds like it was a public institution. It is private but public funded? hm

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