Desktop Publishing

By Paul Silli

Desktop Publishing (also known as DTP) is when work is created using software such as MS Word to design page layouts on a computer. For example, DTP can range from writing a business letter, creating an events calendar or brochure, to making a flier or writing a news article…

How do you use computers? What DTP skills would you like to learn? (Include three sentences for a full-grade). Put your ideas in the comment section below and remember to only write your first name and last initial in the comment box. You do NOT need to include a website or email.


27 Responses to “Desktop Publishing”

  1. BBowles Says:

    I play games, look up differnet things, make flyers, etc. Computers are important because we use them in every day life. They help us with work, and they run our machines.

  2. nathan Says:

    Desktop publishing is where you add word art to a document to make it flashy

  3. Ishan Says:

    Desktop publishing is when you add word art and when you add cool graphics

  4. melissaR Says:

    desktop publishing is a plce were you go to word and publish your typed words

  5. Brenda M. Says:

    I think that DTP means creating unique documents on a computer using specially designed programs like Microsoft Word. I would like to master the Word program. I’m pretty good in Word now, but I think that I can still learn lots from it.

  6. brian g Says:

    desktop publishing is i think a form or some way of wriiting like a resimay or business letter

  7. Alan Says:

    I use computers to do my homework and to play video games. I want to learn how to wright faster. Also how to make the computer faster.

  8. Krystal R. B. Says:

    Desktop Publishing is a devise to combine using computer with a page layout software such as Microsoft Office to create documents for either larger or small documents.

  9. k baumhover Says:

    Computers are important to me because they make work easier. They give off entertainment. and have pics.

  10. giselle H. Says:

    desktop publishing i think is like publishing something in microsoft office word like word art and clip art or font changing. thaTS what i think

  11. alejandror Says:

    computers are important because they can help you in the world.some skills i want to learn is how to make diffrent things so i can help people and it could help me in the future.

  12. Alexis H Says:

    desktop publishing is a specific software.

  13. samA Says:

    desktop publishing is using a computer with page layout software such as MS word to crete documents for either large scale needs or small distribution. it shows me that i can make my page awsome and make them better for documents

  14. Bailee! ♥ Says:

    You Use Computers Because They Are Worldwide Internet Resources. You Can Do Your Homework By Researching And Typing Stuff In MicroSoft Office Word. You Can Also Search Engines Like Bing & Google. The Computers Are Very Important To Us!! My Desktop Publishing Skills I Would Like To Learn Is How Do You Add Word Art?!


  15. Shayla D Says:

    Desktop Publishing (DTP) is using microsoft word and other softwares to create documents. Computers are very important becuase they help us get knowledge. i would like to learn how to use power point presentation.

  16. Alejandra S. R. Says:

    Desktop publishing shows me that i can put layouts in my documents. Desktop publishing is combined of using computer layouts to create what ever you wished to make your page look awesome.

  17. cstephens p-1 Says:

    Computers are amazing devices. Everyone uses them for almost everything; finding directions for a restaurant, keeping in touch with a friend, researching something for school or work, or advertising a business. I would like to learn mostly everything about DTP. Desktop Publishing is something very important that will probably help me in the future.

  18. Fernando R. Says:

    You know stuffs about the real world from the computers and computers are everywhere so your information every time…

  19. Sheunhai C. Says:

    For DTP, I mostly use MS Word. I use computers to go on social networks, do research, use MS Word, etc. Computers are used everyday, and everywhere to make life a whole lot easier.

  20. shawnm Says:

    Computers are import because they keep me connected to the outside world. I would like to learn how to konw how to use all of Desk top publishing. I would like to learn to write a business letter, create an events calendar, to even research a news article.

  21. Chi P. Says:

    Computers are important because without them there will be less ways to communicate, play games, research, and there will be less social network without computets. Everybody likes using a computer every day for these reasons. i use MS Word for desk top publishing.

  22. Alonso T. Says:

    Computers are important beacause they help you learn more knowledge about stuff that you dont know. I think Desktop Publishing is publising your work on microsoft word

  23. deja s Says:

    desktop publishing is a spicfic softwear

  24. leslie castillo Says:

    Desk top publishing are some soft wares. in microsoft word is in desk top publishing. It helps with a lot of knowledge to use desk top publishing.

  25. melissa olivas Says:

    desktop publishing is using computers with graphics. it helps you with documents, and to find other things.desktop publishing is in your word microsoft

  26. Iftikhar Ahmed Says:

    OOO I would also like to learn about all the terms of Desktop publishing. Any one or the owner of this like to share with me these terminals at

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