Big plans for summer

By Paul Silli

The time you have been waiting for — has finally arrived. Will you be chillin’ poolside with friends, vacationing somewhere cool, or possibly leaving the state or country? What do you think you will be doing during the summer break? Remember to add details and be specific with your plans.

Post your comment below. Include your first name and last initial only (A sentence or more for credit).


51 Responses to “Big plans for summer”

  1. Alex mejia Says:

    I am going to football camp. I will also sleep a lot during the summer.

  2. Quinten Musser Says:

    I will be getrting squashed a lot at football camp. I will also sleep a lot.

  3. DM Says:

    I am going to Indiana and i am going to have my birth day party.

  4. Niyat O. Says:

    I will do a lot in the summer. Maybe. I will go to California or Germany and I will have gymnastic meets. I also might get a haircut (layers basically), and I will go to Elitches, Water World, and the BolderBoulder!!!!!!!!!!! I have been doing that for three years!!!!!

  5. Shaina d. N'dala Says:

    I am going to singing, dancing, cooking, and acting classes. Im going to california and new mexico.

  6. payton may Says:

    i am going to the sand dunes, swimming, and hanging out with friends.

  7. Chris Myhre Says:

    I plan to chill w/ friends and play videogames all summer. On the videogames part, I want to get XBOX Live VERY soon so Left 4 Dead will be funner. However, we will try to get season passes to Elitches and waterworld.

  8. Melissa M Says:

    Well i am going to Washington to hang out with my grandma,sister,and her animals. I also plan to go to six flags with my awesome friends every week. I PLAN TO STAY UP LATE AND WAKE UP AT 12 EVERYDAY.

  9. tatyanna Says:

    im going to have a reat summer nad im going to flordia and calforina for my familys reinon

  10. shawn moore Says:

    I will go swimming, play out side, and hopefully get my 2nd degree blackm belt. I will also go on few family trips.

  11. jose Says:

    im going to hang out with some of my cuzins

  12. Tristen O Says:

    What I am hopeing to do this summer is to go hang out with my amazing friends. I am so excited to go and see Skillet in July and The Scorpions in August. Last I don’t have to get up early in the morning.

  13. Brenda M. Says:

    The first thing I have planned for the summer is sleeping in until 12p.m (or later) EVERYDAY!! Then I want to spend most of my time at Water World, Elitches, Skate City, and all those fun places. I also want to help around the house and start cleaning my room…so it can get dirty again when I go back to school. Reading is also in my summer agenda. I’m not planning on leaving the country…much less the state…much less the CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Samantha Nolan Says:

    I am going to go camping at Nebraska. I’m also going to hang out with my friends. I’m also going swimming and I am going shopping. My summer will be fun. I’m also going to see a movie with me, my mom, and my Aunt and so that will be fun cause its a movie that we are dieing to see. I am leaving the state a lot cause we are going camping a lot in Nebraska like we do every year and I love going camping its fun. I’m going to sleep in.

  15. DM Says:

    I am also going to eliches. I am going to have very fun time! Yes this is good…

  16. jose Says:

    im also going to go 4 wheeling with my dad and go fish with him to

  17. Tegra M. Says:

    What I am hoping to do over the summer is going to Estes Park with my friends. I am not going to go anywhere out of the state. I’ll be going to state for gymnastics.

  18. xitlalic Says:

    i am going to go to california to a big party that we are going to have. we are going to go the beach and play in all the fun rids. me and my family are going to have a great time there

  19. Valerie Martinez Says:

    I’m going to California. I will be visiting Disney Land, Holywood Bouldevard, and the best Hollywood L.A!!! I’m sooo exctied i have 3 swim suits and we will be going to the beach too. I’m prepeared i have summer clothes which are shorts, skirts, tank tops , and Sandals!!! well i don’t know what else so bye!

  20. melissa Says:

    I am going to eliches for the summer with my friends and to the movies and shopping and i might go to nebraska . it is also going to be my parents wedding and my cousins quincenera .and im going to do other things this summer

  21. Shea Martin Says:

    This summer is going to be AWESOME!!! I am going to Water World! I am going to hang out with Payton my cousin and Zander they are like my sisters!

  22. katya Says:

    what i am going to do over the summer are: CALIFORNIA and the mountians. my parents, my sister, my brother and i are going to have a great time!!!!!!!!!11

  23. Tyler Y. Says:

    My summer is going to be awsome because i’m going to water world 4 times a week. With my cousin too. This is great.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    For the summer Im going to California to visit my dads uncle. I have never been to California so it will be a big experience for me when im there. When im there I will go to Disneyland!!!

  25. devin Says:

    what i’m doing this summer is alot of things. I’m going camoping, but mostly going to base. I think this summer is going to be fun.

  26. Desiree Perez Says:

    This summer I am doing nothing.I mit go swimming or spend time with my friends.Tham is what i am doing this summer

  27. Austin Paschke Says:

    The thing(s) I’ll be doing this summer is that I will be going to a summer camp where we will go to Elitch Gardens every week. Also I will be going to Water World with my family for a day. One of the favorite things I’ll be doing this summer is going camping up in Dillion Lake with my four family members. I can tell you that I can’t wait to start my summer vacation.

  28. Tristan P. Says:

    During my summer I’m going to play games. Or go to my friends house and play at his house. It is going to be fun because i might go to movies.

  29. Ashley P. Says:

    Over the summer iima go to floriida and chill with sum homiiz nd bee witt my dad nd his girl . Thtz pretty much iit .

  30. brandy r Says:

    What im going to do in summer is going to Florida.Go swimming with my best cousins.going to Disney World,University Studies,and Sea World.Last but not least is going to all the beaches.

  31. ben p Says:

    My summer is going to be relaxed kind of boring . I will wake up every day run ride my bike . Then I will swim at water world and go to the store near my house

  32. jessuca perez Says:

    what i am going to be doing this summer is going to summer school but mabe not. i am going to go to the mall with my mom like best friends well she is. Also we have to do a summer reading program that you have to write a esay and read two books wich i am not going to have time and have time.

  33. Robert R. Says:

    Over the summer i am going to read two books for my school. I am also going to play basketball tournaments for the colorado hornets. when i do all of that i am going to have fun and play video games with my friends and just hang out with my friends

  34. Katie R Says:

    This summer we are goin to have a blast! Were going to hang out with family and go to elitches and water world. Were also go hang out with friends! I cant wait!

  35. Desiree P. Says:

    It is going to be a blast. I will be going…

  36. jasmine Says:

    This summer im going camping and hoping i get to sleep alot!! This summer i have to do a summer reading packet for a grade when school starts again!!! I am going to miss school but happy that its over! Im going to miss my favorite teacher Ms.Kraus!! Bye 6th grade hello SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Hailey O Says:

    Over the summer I am going to go swimming with my step brother and sister. I’m going to hang out with my friends and family. I am going to do some summer reading too. I also plan on going to New York with my mom.

  38. erica Says:

    Duriinq the summer iim goiinq too hang out with my cuzins and my best friend naomi and sierra serna. (: Haha

  39. Denessa O. Says:

    This summer im go to 6 flags. Mostly with my friends. She finally got a season pass.

  40. Janna Says:

    Only a couple more days until Summer comes, the only thing that will not be fun is that we have to do a packet for summer reading. Before I do have fun i will do all my work then that will be out of the way but for this summer it will be Fun, Im going to be going to Las Vegas and also be swimming.

  41. Yarely O. Says:

    My aunty from San, Jose CA. is coming so I plan to go to Lyons in the mountains. If you visit there you can get wet in a river but it is sort of nasty and freezing. Some, people from Mexico are coming for my mother’s Birthday and they all will probably stay at my house. I might go to California with my aunty because I haven’t gone there since 2004. We are going to have so many parties this summer. I really hope I get to do what I intend.

  42. Suri Ramirez Says:

    I am going to tryout for football this summer.I hope its fun and I enjoy my summer, away from school.Im lucky I didnt have summer school, I would die if i did because I had enough of learning. 🙂 I never like school!!! and never will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. joshua Says:

    I am going to have alot of fun. I am going to swim with my friends. I am going to also sleep in very very late. I am going to have the best summer in the world. I am also goin to have the best time of my life. ALSO NO MORE SCHOOL!!!

  44. ALLYSSA P. Says:

    over the summer i am going to have a B-DAY and me and my freiends already have a good idea on what i should do. We are going to have so many sleepover. and i am going to a new school so they can help me shop. it will be an awesome summer.

  45. Alan Says:

    I went to my first football game.

  46. Alan Says:

    There are many things that i did when i was a kid. but there is one thing that i did that made me feel grown up. i went to my first football game. i was really happy. i had a great time.

  47. Robert T Says:

    one time when i feklt i was growing up was when i got my first BB and airsoft gun it is still with me to this present day :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)::):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  48. Nivardo S. Says:

    One time i found a lottery ticket and won a thousand dollars on vacation and went to hawaii

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