eLearning: Comprehension and Interests

kid volcano modelBy Paul Silli

For my graduate eLearning class I was asked a few questions about my learning style and interests.

How do I like to learn? I am definitely a visual learner. I must see materials or practice the work by example (in graphical form or repetition) to truly learn. Additionally, I enjoy learning through kinesthetic activities. Hands-on work rocks!  

What are some of my interests and hobbies? For fun, I like just about every outdoor activity from scuba diving, saltwater fishing, boating, white-water rafting, working-out, snow skiing, hiking, bun-gee jumping, to camping at Rocky National Park. As for sports I love football! I’m a big fan of the Broncos, Gators, and Buffs.

What is a favorite memory I have of learning? One of the most rewarding learning experiences I had as a child was in Mrs. Fuller’s 6th Grade Science class. She taught us about the mysteries of volcanoes. We were put into three-member groups to research what volcanoes were, and why/how they developed. We then had to give an oral report about what we discovered. She then showed us some lava rocks which we got to study… and later we saw a cool movie about many volcanoes erupting. Finally, we had the opportunity to create a model volcano and present it to the class for peer review. I think this popular project is a great example of kinesthetic learning. I have never forgotten that wonderful, learning experience. 😉

What don’t I like about formal learning experiences? With formal learning often a student is handed an assignment that includes a particular list of every item he or she will need to know and then given the exact steps that will be involved in the process… This type of teaching practice can lead to complacency of learning; it can hinder creativity, block natural inquisitive outcomes, and deter growth in developing self-learning skills. Formal learning can often restrict learning gains because of the boundaries listed within the discipline.


3 Responses to “eLearning: Comprehension and Interests”

  1. fishing tackle Says:

    Good to see that people still know what they are talking about. So much BS around these days!

  2. gatorball Says:

    Thanks for reading my blog. I really appreciate the input. 😉

  3. micheal Says:

    im a visual learner to and i like to wach volcanos erupt to. i have never built a model volcano though

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