Creating a Good Website Layout

Layout Website DesignHere are a few suggestions you can use to create a well balanced, legible, user friendly website layout design. You should ask yourself or a client some key questions such as:

  • Is the product design theme: (light, friendly & fun), (sleek & professional), (innovative & techie), or (scientific & savvy)? Please describe the “feel” you want from the design. The feel of a site is essential!
  • What colors do you want in the product? (Primary, pastel, or mixed-fresh). Visit this site for some great info and HTML Colors:
  • What graphics, logos, images might help deliver the product message? Do you have any on-file images you want in the design?
  • What kind of layout do you prefer? For example, do you want a lot of white space and text block design, white-text on dark backgrounds (text blocks), three columns or two column designs, or maybe a simple one textbox content area?
  • Do you want a custom Header /Banner with your institution name and/or logo? What colors do you prefer?
  • Is there any text content messages you want highlighted in the layout (maybe important titles or communication tools emphasized – near top of site or center zone)?
  • Is there anything important you want to see in the site or product? (You could have them draw a sketch or explain)
  • Is there something I did not ask that you want included within the design or content of the site? (Please be specific)

Three Fundamental Layout Designs (Without getting too busy)

  1. Text block with center navigation bar (Basic)
  2. Two Column with side bar navigation left or right (Traditional)
  3. Three Column with side bar navigations (This site uses three column design)

The more your know about what you or your client wants the better the output. Please let me know your thoughts about layout design.


4 Responses to “Creating a Good Website Layout”

  1. Drew Predman Says:

    I use two column design for my sites. Good suggestions though. Do not get to crowded with design. yes.

  2. George Says:

    Very interesting… thanks.

  3. Paul Says:

    Big thanks for your input. I appreciate the support and nice remarks.

  4. Criteria of Website Excellence | humility06 Says:

    […] 1.) […]

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