Computer Hardware Audits for your School

800px-quick_overview_of_pc_hardware1By Paul Silli

If you have older computers in your school lab, but are unaware of the type of systems they are such as knowing the hard-drive memory, RAM, video card installed, mother-board specs, CPU speed, band-width capacity, etc. performing a computer hardware audit could supply you  with essential information to support your school district “approving” the purchase of new equipment. As you know new desktops could be used to assist in the educational demands of your students. With high-speed computers you could infuse innovative technologies such as using Web 2.0 applications (wikis, blogs, media, video, & network sharing) into your curriculum. An audit could support your cause to get new computers which will improve academic success with your students. By having speedy computers you can enhance your student skills by preparing them for world work, and the workstations will better support your instructional management by providing the opportunity to make interesting lessons which increases productivity. After all, speedy computers not only run many online applications but also will save you time because they are more efficient. A computer audit will offer you data which could show your school has slow, outdated computers by inventorying the hardware specifications. To run most technologies such as Web 2.0 — your computer has to be fast and modern in hardware design… 

You can perform a computer audit using the freeware program: Management Service DeskIt is a free online software tool to use to determine the specific hardware your systems have internally. It can be a bit time-consuming, but in the long run an audit will be worthwhile. Just be sure to learn the hardware of each unit running both on and off your schools network so you do not have to do it manually. Before conducting a hardware audit it is wise to get the support of your principal and IT-Staff members. They can be helpful in obtaining the audit data you will need to support your claim to get a computer lab upgrade. Good luck! 😉


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