Tips for Performing Research Online

Back to School Already

By Paul Silli


The following may be helpful to you in preparing to research and write a report project.


Select a Specific Topic

Find a subject that is limited enough so it is manageable to work with in terms of the requirements of your assignment, the resources available, and the time-frame from which the work must be completed. Some preliminary research is necessary to determine what sub-topic is of interest to you, and for which there will be adequate available information.


Searching for Information

Unlimited info on any topic in the world may be found by using an online database:

  • There are many search engines on the World Wide Web. For example, some are directories that provide broad information such as Yahoo; while others are more complex and combine search terms. It is a good idea to search more than one database and compare the information you collected to make sure the data is factual and accurate. Two very good search engines for academic research are: Google and Ask-Teoma. You also could do research using your local public library resources.  
  • Each search engine on the Web searches in a unique manner, and will have instructions on the main page on how to effectively use its particular tool. See Google Scholar to improve your search matches for educational areas. You can visit Google Cheat Sheet for search help.

Top-10 BEST Research Tools visit:


One Response to “Tips for Performing Research Online”

  1. Colin Baxtor Says:

    Thanks for the tips. I sent my kids this blog link for research help. Nice work there.

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