How can Parents help their kids with Homework?

Back to School Already

By Paul Silli


After reading an article from the National Education Association (NEA), there are several ways a parent can help with homework:

  • First, send your children to school each day, well-rested, fed and with a positive outlook. This is a home-practice that really makes a major difference in the way children perform in school.  
  • Take an active interest in your children’s schooling. Ask direct, “specific questions” about what happens at school each day, and how your child may feel about it.
  • Avoid letting your own negative experiences keep you from supporting and encouraging your children’s learning. For example, telling them you were bad at math when you were a kid… Let them know how much you care about education by continuing your own efforts in learning to impress its importance upon them.
  • If possible, set up a quiet, comfortable study area at home (away from the TV) with good lighting and the school supplies your child may need. Hopefully, this area will be cool in temperature because heat causes fatigue (that’s why libraries are often cold).
  • Set a family “quiet time” where you and your children can work together on homework, reading, writing and playing interactive games; (Try to relate subjects matters to your real life situations for understanding).
  • Allow your child to study in a way that he or she learns best. For example, some children work well when they’re lying on the floor with background music playing, while others need silence etc. 

For more info visit: Homework TIPS.



3 Responses to “How can Parents help their kids with Homework?”

  1. Angela Norton Tyler Says:

    I strongly recommend that parents and students put together a Magic Homework Box. It is a simple box or file with all of a student’s regular homework supplies and materials. It comes out at homework time, and everything goes back in when homework is done! There will be no more “I-can’t-find-a-pencil!” excuses.

  2. gatorball Says:

    Angela, Excellent idea! I have seen the majic box in classes, especially at the elementary levels, and like how it organizes & promotes an efficient homework strategy. Yes, it does help prevent the common forget issues that often come about. Good deal. Thanks for you reply 😉

  3. Ranney Says:

    You rock. Nice article… and I agree with ya. 😉

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