New Touch-Screen Computer Coffee Table by Microsoft

By Paul Silli

Click link to see a full-video about this new computer coffee table: 

And you may have thought you saw just about everything with computers; Microsoft Corp, the software giant, has built a new touch-screen computer— into a coffee table design that will change the world as we view graphics while sipping a hot beverage. Go inside the top-secret development plant with, and than forget the keyboard and mouse devices you use. The next generation of computer interfaces will be totally “hands-on,” and very interactive.

This incredible new computer system will be placed in just about every coffee shop, book store and the like within a year or so. What a concept, and new way to make money from consumers. Will we buy into this new computer service? I think, definitely! It is a great, innovative resource with its easy touch-screen software which allows users to manipulate, edit and view pictures & graphics…  

What do you think about this new computer service system? Will it be a hit?


3 Responses to “New Touch-Screen Computer Coffee Table by Microsoft”

  1. Joana Says:

    Awesome. I think I would like playing with my pics while having some leisure time at a coffee shop.

  2. Jayelle Says:

    This seems like a fun way to spend a lazy Sunday. Nice article and site.

  3. ntp Zeitserver Says:

    Awesome, I think it would be really nice..i never show this type of gadget. Does anyone know it’s price

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