Good News for Cell Phones in Education

By Paul Silli 


Simply put, when Harris Polled, 95% of parents want their kids to have cell phones for recreational purposes, to be able to get in touch with them if they are attending a school activity, for the GPS — such as tracking where they are, and finding specific locations when lost. Cell phones appear to be very important for today’s students and consumers!    

So, what is good about them for education? If you think about it, there are many applications within the technology of cell phones which can be useful as a “tool” for classroom instruction. After all, they are mini-computers.


For example, students can use them to take pictures; record notes and log other media which can be shared with students who maybe absent from class. The record-option can be used as a “dictation tool” for note-taking which later can be listened to for the preparation of an up coming test. There is Cellipedia which offers users a rich, research tool; and you can use them as an interactive lesson while on Facebook, which is an online collaborating network service. A great feature to use is the “calculator” option. Students can work-out math problems and create math applications.  


Moreover, research shows that students with Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD) perform better in both behavior and work-output when they are listening to music. Cell phones, with wireless Bluetooth Technology, can be used to listen to MP3 music which can hold many digital songs. There also is a “calendar” feature which allows users to input data to remind them of up coming events, project due dates, and things to do etc. You can even use your cell phone as an on-the-spot journalist… Cell phones can record both pictures and audio tracks which can be useful if you were to have your students perform a live-interview as a project. Text messaging is the most popular feature used. Teachers could have student’s text message each other notes, portfolios, and visual literature while in class as an activity.


There are so many features in cell phones today, it would be unwise to dismiss the possibilities they offer for class activities. It may just take a little creativity to put something educational together. 😉  


→ What do you think? Have you ever used cell phones within your classroom instruction?



13 Responses to “Good News for Cell Phones in Education”

  1. Alison Says:

    Great summary. I wonder where we will go with our cell phone teaching. I don’t see these little machines going away, I think we need to join them rather than try to beat them. Always better to look at the possibilities than the problems. Alsion

  2. Prcilla Says:

    Hey, I am glad you pointed out that cell phones can be used for teaching. Many at my school just think they are a bother… not thinking of the positive things that they can bring to instruction. Thanks for the tips and ideas.

  3. Paul Silli Says:

    BIG thanks for the great comments. I appreciate your thoughts. Cell phones are not all bad…

  4. Buzzguy223 Says:

    They finally announced the 16 finalists for Now Debate This. Very cool online reality show.

  5. Vanessa Says:

    Hi guys,

    I have been trying to send you some of the articles I found but it has been a bit difficult. Hopefully it will work now.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    that’s really nice

  7. Andrew Says:

    this was a good article use on cell phone use in schools and for education.

  8. Hannah meeks Says:

    That was a very interesting article. That was some good information that made me think about cell phones differently.

  9. Katona Says:

    Great. This helped me write my paper on choices.

  10. saree Says:

    thanks for the comments, now i can do my essay!

  11. lupita Says:

    yeah i think teachers should stop looking at cell phones as a bad thing because they can also have a lot of good things in them that can help us

  12. Tatiana Says:

    Wow Mr.!
    I Really Like How You Think. Most Teacher Just See The Bad Things About Cell Phones And Other Electronics. But No One ever Seems To Look At The Benefits And The Way They Can Help Us. Cell Phones, Computers And Other Electronics Are Just Going To Become More Adavanced As Time Goes On, So I Think We Should Just Incorpporate Them Into Our Learning And Our Everyday Things.!
    There Is Nothing Wrong With Electronics, We Just Need To Learn How To Use Them For Our Benefit. :]

    – Tati –>♥

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