FREE Web 2.0 Applications for Education

By Paul Silli

During my 5710 Telecommunications Class at CU I learned about many applications which are free and can be used in education. Here is a brief list of free Web 2.0 tech application resources you can use. All of these tools can be used to benefit learning in our classrooms.

o     Use Google docs or a new program called Open Office which is for creating docs such as word, interactive wikis, and other open source applications (free online): This application would be great for student use because it is free and offers kids the opportunity to create wiki websites online while developing  tech skills and collaborating with each other. It is very user friendly, and easy to access.

o      Web app to use called Zotero or (to make a timeline actively while online). This site is wonderful for those who teach history such as myself because you have the chance to create a timeline using historical data, while working collectively online with any subject area.

o      Try is a great resource to gather info and search a very large data bank while online which is similar to wikipedia.

o     Visit to create free tests, assignments, portfolios for teacher to students assessment usage. It is fast, and reliable for online test handout purposes.

o      You can use for creating spreadsheets, collaboration group work for in or out of the class, making presentations, slides etc. (Looks similar to Google Docs & PowerPoint).

o     Check out as a resource, or for quick online creation of digital voice and illustration media.

o     Click  for slides, pics, sharing ideas with students, and creating great voice over presentations (This would be wonderful for students or teachers to use to create presentation which have both verbal and nonverbal teaching messages).

o      Check out (for great text editing, writing, and other quick publishing feature tools).

o      Copyright laws offered to you online With this site you can create and copyright your work, and then have it published online being protected by law. This is a wonderful feature to protect an author’s work. If your production is not protected by law, anyone can use that work against our wishes, and even claim it as their own… This site offers a solution to copy right your publications.



4 Responses to “FREE Web 2.0 Applications for Education”

  1. Alison Saylor Says:

    Good summary, you did show the use of some of these tools in your practice and where you would use them from what you learned in the class.

    Actually CC is great to create a license or use anything from their repositories. Great looking blog by the way!

  2. gatorball Says:

    Thanks for the comments Alison. I read your thoughts and improved the listing by offering more details.

  3. Paul Says:


    Great article just wanted to mention, it’s a neat little web 2.0 utility that lets you record a message and send it to a list of phone numbers. Alot of teachers use it to keep their class informed of assignments, tests, and events.

    Hope that helps!

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