Should kids be allowed to bring Cell Phones to School?

By Paul Silli

It’s a real debate among students, teachers, administrators, and many parents…


Some say YES!

What if there’s an emergency? A child could easily use one of the office phones, but still! What if the student forgot that he/she had an after-school program to attend, and the offices were closed or the phone was occupied? Most students have trouble contacting their parent(s). Parents often get worried, and the school phone maybe unavailable. Then what do ya do?


Some say NO!

If a child has a cell phone they should be allowed to take it to school but then when they get there it could be collected, and when they leave it would be returned to them. Many teachers and faculty don’t agree with this system. It could cause a big mess… For example, what if the phone gets damaged, lost or stolen? Would the school district have to pay for the phone? Ouch! That could get costly! School Offices can be contacted if you need to get hold of your child urgently, or if your child needs to contact you. Unfortunately, you only have to look at websites like to see what kids are actually doing with their mobile phones while at school (and they ain’t calling their parents). Students use their cell phones to play games, listen to MP3 music, text message each other (a big one), and even access the Internet, among other things. Keep in mind that our kids are supposed to be learning at school. Right? Can cell phones somehow be used as a learning-tool for teachers? Hm…  


Also, sadly there is a new source of bullying, in that if a student does not have the “popular type” of cell phone or one of the fancy features, he or she can can often be looked down on by their peers. Mobile phones have definitely become a status symbol for young people.


What do you think? Please add your comments.

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215 Responses to “Should kids be allowed to bring Cell Phones to School?”

  1. Leonard Low Says:

    I believe that a blanket ban on cellphones in schools is a shortsighted policy that reduces opportunities for learning and development. The extensive media and informational capabilities of mobile phones makes then ideal for learner-creation of media for learning and recall (e.g. making a video of a science lab experiment), for storing and sharing resources and ideas, and for organisation and planning of learning tasks (e.g. in the phone’s calendar function or a specialist application).

    There are certainly opportunities for abuse; but such opportunities exist in myriad forms throughout a school environment. The opportunity to abuse computer or internet resources does not, however, preclude their presence in schools; paper can be turned into paper aeroplanes or spitballs, and bullying can be done in a hundred different ways that does not involve a mobile phone.

    Rather than banning cellphones in schools, the emphasis should be on the appropriate use of cellphones, just as it is on the appropriate use of computers or paper. Certain *behaviours* -such as bullying- should be punishable, but these behaviours should be punishable whether they occur via cellphone or in the otherwise: harrassment, being distracted in class, or cheating for example. The cellphones may be a medium for some such behaviours, but those behaviours have been around long before cellphones, and it is those that need to be controlled, not the phones themselves which can (and should) be used for positive activities and learning opportunities.

  2. whatsyrproblem Says:

    Sorry I think the complete opposite, and the cell phones if taken to school should be taken from them, and then returned when leaving school.

    • Anonymous Says:

      you are a wonderful blog writer, and I agree with everything you mentioned here. Please take away my cell phone priviledges. Gosh, this site is excellent. keep it up.

  3. gatorball Says:

    I agree with you that a blacket ban on cell phones would not be beneficial. I have even used cell phones within my lesson plans to offer my students a techie method of teaching which turned out pretty well. However, some schools I have visited actually allow kids (teenies) to use their cell phones while they are walking to their next class in the hallways. I DO NOT think this should occur! Many students get into verbal fights and miss class or are late because they are distracted by the phone conversation. These kids are not in college and are still the responsibility of the school teachers and administrators. Cell phones should only be allowed for emergency use. Kids do not need them while they are walking to their next class. Cell phones are still a luxury item that are not essential to learning. Unless, you use them within a lesson activity. I have to admit though, if I were a teen, I would want to use them all the time as well.

  4. Anna Ayala Says:

    In Panama where I teach, people live by their cell phones. Banning cell phones would just mean more work for the staff. Collecting telephones would just mean more work for the staff. We literally have had students use their cellphones in an emergency–for example, when the school received a bomb threat, parents were easily able to be contacted through their own students. Homeroom teachers only had the secretary make phone calls if their homeroom students expressed that they couldn’t get in touch with their parents. As a result, we had a very quick response time to getting kids out of the area and in their own homes. We have a basic rule: You can bring it, but we can’t see it or hear it during classes or in the hallways. This rule is harder to enforce when the students are hanging out in the lunch area, but usually they are using their phones to text or use the calculator, not to cut themselves off from their peers. Cell phones are confiscated if they are heard or seen in class and students are fined from the office before they can get the phones back. That is a pretty good deterrant for misuse, in my opinion. In our country, it is the parents themselves who buy the cellphone for their kids for safety purposes. They actually tell their kids to bring the cellphones in case they need a ride after school or in case they have some kind of event such as detention or a makeup test.

    • Lynnie23 Says:

      Wow! That is so cool! In my country, Singapore, we are actually not supposed to bring our hand phones at all. But, most of the students bring them, just like me. My dad says we should be allowed to bring hand phones to school; what if we need to call our parents after or before school for detention or last minute arrangements? The teachers are fully aware of our bringing hand phones to school, but just as long as we don’t misuse it, we’re fine. Oh, I’m 13 by the way. :D

    • Akima Says:

      i agree with you Anna! ( even though i don’t have a cell phone ) I think students should only be allowed to bring phones for emergency, calling parents for a ride home, or for if they forgot their homework at home. so in my opinion they should be allowed to bring cell phones, but for necessary proposes.

    • Chloe Says:

      i really agree with this article/paragraph,but i am doing an essay for my school to show the peaple that have to do with the vell phones and i really need some advise on why children should be able to have thier phones out at lunch and only lunch if you could plz return this is would be awesome thank you

  5. Paul (author) Says:

    Wow! I welcome my visitor from Panama. Great. Nice to meet you here… Your explanation to keep cell phones among the kids is worthy. I understand fire & bomb threat issues. My school had our students (1,600 middle) use their phones one day to call their parents to pick them up at the curb when we had a bomb threat. It worked out well. The only problem I see is many kids are just too immature to use them wisely. They often take advantage of the “If we don’t see it” the phone is okay rule. Many of our administrators are bogged-down by the pressures of having to enforce the rule… and it takes up a lot of their time. I know cell phones have a use, I just don’t see a perfect solution to the problem of our kids abusing the priviledge of having them. And as I mentioned, some high schools in my district actually let students use them in the hallways. It’s sad how many kids are late or avoid class totally because they were talking on the phone. Oh well… technology has its ups and downs. ;)

  6. rocky Says:

    i like your site. thanks much! Good stories.

  7. simba Says:

    i think mobile phones should be allowed in school not so that kids can play with them but because mobile phones can help kids with there education if they dont have a calculator they can just use there phones and teachers should trust us.

  8. gatorball Says:

    I agree that cellphones should be allowed as a “tool” in schools…However, just remember, to ask for trust from your teachers & administrators who run your school, you must first EARN THAT TRUST. Think about it. If you use your phone for games, music, and messing-around at school when you are not supposed to, trust will not be earned. ;)

  9. Quad babe Says:

    my class is doing a debate on this so this info has helped me heaps thanks who eva wrote it i thnk that cell phones shall NOT be used in the school times of 8.30am – 3.00pm

    yours truly Quad babe!

  10. Max Says:

    I argee with you to because I use to run home and my parent would ask me why i’m home at this hour so i can’t get my teacher to go to my house and tell my parent that the was a fire or bomb threat.

  11. rspkers Says:

    I just don’t know about this… hm

  12. Natalie Says:

    I agree with gatorball.
    I am in middle school
    and kids should be allowed
    to bring cell phones to school!
    It is very unfair, and
    sometimes, there is an acual emergency! You never know if someone ct of the phone line, and

  13. gatorball Says:

    You rock! Thanks for the comment. And yes, you never know when you will need it.

  14. nina Says:

    cell phones shoukld be allowed at school because of they need to go home they can call

  15. pinky Says:

    I think, they should NOT be allowed in school. They cause a distraction between the students they send text messages to each other, listen to music while teacher is teaching, I think if the students want to bring it so they should give it to the principal or the vice principal (if they have an emergency only) so I think it should be brought and not.
    Take Care

  16. Lyndsey Says:

    yes cell phone are sweet…..

  17. Neon Says:

    Thanx for the help…
    Cell phones should be banned in schools.

  18. Paul Says:

    Thanks for the input people. We all have different outlooks here about this. ;)

  19. emokid911321 Says:

    Yea your right, thanks for the information. Cell phones should be band. lol

  20. Ra.ShikaPerkins Says:

    do you think that kids should bring cells phones to schools? what is your opinion??????????????

    • Anonymous Says:

      yes i think kids should bring cell phones to school because of the following reasons: They might have to call their parents just incase they forgot to tell them they had a meeting after school or even a bomb threat. Also the female might end up throwing up of pregnancy or maybe giving birth to her baby while she at school.Another one could be a fire.If there was a fire the students could call the fire department for help just incase the teaher panics..There are many more reasons why kids should bring cellphones to school..especially teenagers. So i think kids should be able to bring cellphones to school..i also think they should be able to use cell phones in school if the teachers be on theres in class.

  21. Ra.ShikaPerkins Says:

    tell me why becuse if there’s an emergrcy would you allowd you kids to bring cell phone’s to school

  22. pinky Says:

    i am in elementary school
    and i say yes!

    hello ;)

  23. canaja Says:

    do think that kids should bring cell phones to school.

    • gatorball Says:

      Yes, but if they are miss used by students they should be taken away and not returned until the end of the day. I think cell phones are great technology for students & teachers; however, they can not be abused while in the classroom (for example, be a disturbance).

  24. shana Says:

    should the kids moms let them bring cell phones to school

  25. gatorball Says:

    you will never now when you need it.

  26. gigi Says:

    i like the story thanks for the infomation

  27. gatorball Says:

    I love your story. I agree with everything you said here.

  28. hevy Says:

    i am agree.i spoken verry badly english and i am 71 year.student should not allowed theyer phones at skolan…varje varje varje kvälll…….hoppas vi sees på veckoslutet….

  29. mini Says:

    yes i agree.children should not use cell phone middle of the lesson.

  30. mini Says:


    Teenagers today are addicted to this innocuous little box of wires, computer chips and buttons. Just try and take one away from a teenager for any length of time! There is a removal process, stages of removal, withdrawal if you will. These little cell phones are the new drug of choice for teens of today.
    In the particular school that I teach at, cell phones – just this year – have been banned from usage, even in the parking lot as you are leaving school for the day. Bravo I say! But the big loophole in this new rule is that the school has not banned cell phones from campus. You can still carry them, just don’t use them? what?! This is much like a rehab clinic telling a meth addict “oh sure you can CARRY the meth around in your pocket, but just don’t use it” How redundant.
    On a regular basis, meaning several times a day, I witness students pulling out their cell phones, looking right then left under veiled eyes and then quickly, thumbs flying, get off a text message. It happens on precious class time, lunch time, go sit in your car and pretend you are getting your home work time, run to the bathroom time, you name it. If this is not a serious distraction at the very least, or a serious addiction I don’t know what is.
    There is ABSOLUTELY no real NEED for a student to carry a cell phone for the 6-7 hours that they are at school, SUPPOSED to be devoting themselves to the learning process. If there is an emergency at home, the student can be notified very efficiently through the office at school. If there is an emergency at school the parents are notified very effectively, again, through the office.
    Cell phones are a major distraction and should be treated as such on campus.

  31. mini Says:

    Should children have cell phones at school?

    Children should be allowed to have cell phones at school, but they should be switched off during lesson time. It is important for children to be able to contact parents or emergency services if they run into trouble on the journey to or from school. The safety benefits of having a cell phone far outweigh the disadvantages of the possibility of disruption to lessons by a few irresponsible students. It is important for adults to show that they trust children to live up to the expectation of using their phones responsibly. Treating children with positive regard is more likely to bring out good behavior, than depriving children of responsibility on the expectation that they will behave badly.
    It is important for children to learn how to keep themselves safe. Parents need to teach their children to tell them where they are, who they are with and what time they will be coming home. Even with the best organization, children will sometimes forget to inform their parents of an after school club or an invitation to a friend’s home for tea. Taking a cell phone to school allows children to contact their parents and let them know if they are going to be late. When children are unable to get in touch, it can put them at risk due to inaccurate assumptions about their whereabouts.
    Teachers are allowed to take cell phones to school. If adults are sending out the message that they need their phones in order to keep safe and maintain contact with others outside school, it follows that the needs of children should be recognized in the same way. In many ways, children are more vulnerable than adults and the issue of whether or not children should take cell phones to school highlights a misjudgment of priorities and needs. Teachers set an example to children and they need to be seen to place fair standards upon their own behavior, as well as upon those of the children. Inequalities in the rules on cell phone use in schools could easily be interpreted as inequalities in standards of care.
    The potential for children to cause disruption with cell phones during lessons has been overplayed. There are many ways of children causing disruption during class, but the underlying problem usually lies with the nature of the particular child. If a child is going to be disruptive they can do so with the flick of a ruler, talking over the teacher, rattling a window blind etc, etc. Having a cell phone will not make a child disruptive – the need for discipline in class will always remain the same.

    Absolutely, unequivocally, resounding NO.
    I have the wonderful fortune of working with teenagers all day long in the high school setting. This is what I have witnessed;
    Teens have distractions that would boggle the mind these days. Clothing, shoes, boyfriends, peer pressure revolving around drug use, sex, and other questionable activities. Now we have added to that the cell phone. Such a small innocent looking little thing, but, as they say, sometimes dangerous things come in small packages.


    Teenagers today are addicted to this innocuous little box of wires, computer chips and buttons. Just try and take one away from a teenager for any length of time! There is a removal process, stages of removal, withdrawal if you will. These little cell phones are the new drug of choice for teens of today.
    In the particular school that I teach at, cell phones – just this year – have been banned from usage, even in the parking lot as you are leaving school for the day. Bravo I say! But the big loophole in this new rule is that the school has not banned cell phones from campus. You can still carry them, just don’t use them? what?! This is much like a rehab clinic telling a meth addict “oh sure you can CARRY the meth around in your pocket, but just don’t use it” How redundant.
    On a regular basis, meaning several times a day, I witness students pulling out their cell phones, looking right then left under veiled eyes and then quickly, thumbs flying, get off a text message. It happens on precious class time, lunch time, go sit in your car and pretend you are getting your home work time, run to the bathroom time, you name it. If this is not a serious distraction at the very least, or a serious addiction I don’t know what is.
    There is ABSOLUTELY no real NEED for a student to carry a cell phone for the 6-7 hours that they are at school, SUPPOSED to be devoting themselves to the learning process. If there is an emergency at home, the student can be notified very efficiently through the office at school. If there is an emergency at school the parents are notified very effectively, again, through the office.
    Cell phones are a major distraction and should be treated as such on campus.

  32. nana266 Says:

    i think that students should be alowed to bring cell phones to school because it is importanat to let them use it imagen you were at the school in mahatan the day the twin towers were exploded the office phones would be ringing off the hook how would the kids contact the parents

  33. shaohui chen Says:

    I’m a chinese student ,I think our students should not be allowed to bring cellphones to class.As we all kown, the electric wave radiation which is thought to be harmful to users’ brains. what’s more,if we are having a class,the ring of the cellphones may interrupt others.You know,only we keep health can we have a nice life!!!!!!

  34. ashley Says:

    i think students should be allowed to have there cell phones in class because

  35. angel Says:

    this is totaly right im wrighting an essay on it! we should definitly not be allowed to have cell phones in school! it’s a big deal! thanls for the info!

  36. idanina Says:

    thanks 4 all the opinions..
    its very help me in my examination

  37. Nicole Says:

    i’m in elementary school and i always see people texting during class . the teachers don’t see them usually, but if they do they just tell them to turn it off and put it on their desks . they’re not allowed to take it out during recess but as soon as the bell rings for the end of the day, they’re allowed to take it out ..
    soo like , im in favour of cell phones at school ?

  38. liaqat rezaie Says:

    i was doing a text response on this and when i read the comment that u wrote helped me alot with my txt response so thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

  39. liaqat rezaie Says:

    this site helped me with my txt response so thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  40. Bob Says:

    cell phones can be used to help students learn.

  41. gatorball Says:

    Awesome comments & feedback fellow patrons. Thanks for taking the time to offer me your great thoughts about this intriguing topic of interest. :)

  42. Nevelin Says:

    I love this site. You are the best writer. :) God Bless!

  43. Anne Says:

    I like this website and by the way I am doing a persuasive essay in school on “kids should bring cellphones in school!”

  44. Anne Says:

    Can I also be author?Author

  45. aquarius baby Says:

    yes cell phones should be allow in school just give them to your teacher to hold until after school or turn them off put them in your jacket or locker just in case of emergency but you can not use them during passing or in class or they should be taken away……….

  46. troy Says:

    i agree with no because yes i am ok having it in school but keep it in your locker because ur going to get caught so NOOOOOOOOO CCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL phones in school

  47. keke Says:

    they should cause i bring mi phone to school

  48. Your mom Says:

    I think cell phones should be allowed so we can text amswers on a test to eachother =)

  49. veses Says:

    even if teachers take cell phones from students the students can lie that they don’t have cell phones.

  50. no one Says:

    I definatly think the kids should be allowd cell phones in school. If a kid can agree to take care of there cell phone then it is their property and the privlage should not be taken away from them.

  51. Anonymous Says:

    i think that students should be able to have their cell phones in school in case of an emergency!!!!!!!!!

  52. blah Says:

    ppl shuld be able to text in school!!!!

  53. lol idk Says:

    omg lol I found your bum =] hahahhahahahahaahahah

  54. idk Says:

    i love this website & cell phones

  55. Anonymous Says:

    i think we should be able to cuz anything could happen

  56. Anonymous Says:


  57. WALK3R Says:


  58. walk3r Says:

    leave us alone you idiots of unhappyness you evil demons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Carleey Says:

    YES! they deffently should be able to bring their mobile phones to school because emergencyss daaarr ~ ! xox

  60. JinHee Lee Says:

    I think Yes! What if there was an emergency?I mean, how can it distract you when you’re cell phone is in your bag? It’s not like anyone would call you in class.

  61. bianca Says:

    i think children shuld bring cellphones 2 skool cuz anythang culd happen……..teachers would stop in the middle of class 2 text if children cant bring em then the teachers could atleast put them in the office until skool is over YES children shuld bring cellphones

  62. Rahul Says:

    I completely agree! I say YES! Mobiles and Cell Phones and should NOT be banned from schools. Some say that kids misuse phones to take “vulgar and corrupted” photos using their Phone’s Camera.

  63. Anika Claassen Says:

    hey people think all your replies are somewhat the truth though many see the phone still as a luxury including me yes i do agree that phones should be used in a school environment but dont you think you would be temted to see what that text message is when it pops up
    I KNOW for a fact that i would
    Keep on posting what you think i like all your ideas

  64. john Says:

    i think we should have cell phones in school because of the fact of people not riding the bus or on car or even they need totalk to there parentes

  65. Tiffany Says:

    Mane.. we need them phones… ya’ll trippin!!!

  66. moisha Says:

    well i think some kids should not bring phones to school and they start texing in class and it disstracts me to like other students but some kids should bring cell phones to school becuase there parents worry like mine i have a phone but i keep it in my locker never comes out till the end of the day so kids like me should bring phones to school but kidz who bring phones to school just to show of shouldnt.

  67. John Says:

    The debate goes on:
    Some students acknowledge problems caused by some students with the inappropriate use of a cell phone. However, they contend that the majority of students use the cell phone constructively while obeying all school rules.

  68. wilson wijaya Says:

    no, children would have problems such as blackberries. so when u call with ur blackberry, it has a loud hearing aid that it can make u not focus on something such as studying or working. and second thing that it has radiation.parents must take care of their own problems such as a grandma from one of my friends family was going to die. they shouldn’t contact kids because it could disturb other classmates when the student forgot to turn it off.

  69. isaac Says:

    some kids should because thier smart and want to have won as a reward so shut the fuck up and let it go

  70. isaac Says:

    i go to school and i think we should have them they shouldnt band them thats like takeing something away from us really important what happen if it was u like your money is like ur cell phone lol dam

  71. bahahaha Says:

    boo,pple who say we dnt needa brnq cellphones ta shcool kan suck a biq en.. cuz we Sld be able too.!

  72. jackie Says:

    yes kids should have allowed to bring there cellphone

  73. Anonymous Says:

    right i donno wht side to go on but i think tht ppl should bring their phones cuz they can leave it in their teachers desk in a pot or somethink i donno but i have a gd point dont i LOL ha ha :)

  74. tommy Says:

    i think cell phones should be in school

  75. Karina Says:

    They shudnt b aloud:/.

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  77. Stephanie Says:

    I think they should let kids have cellphones in school i agree.

  78. crazygirl :) Says:

    Well you have to think that some kids have thier phones out anyway and text people in school.

  79. damani Says:

    students should bring there phones 2 skool

  80. sat Says:

    i think kids should be allowed to bring cell phones to school so they can keep in contack with parents

  81. Anonymous Says:

    i believe yes because im now starting to ride the bus and my mom wants me to have a cell phone just in case there isnt anybody where i get dropped off im in elementry school and alot of my ofther friends at my old school took phones there and used at lunch they still got caught though when i get my phone to get on the bus im gonna take my battery out and put in my back pack where nobody will see my battery or my phone cause sometimes if orgoet to turn off my phones and my ringer might go off in class thats y i will take out my battery

  82. Anonymous Says:

    yes,cell phone should be allowed to bring with kids,as who knows,when the trouble fall on kids?if they any problems or get in trouble, they contact with their parents or other family members.

  83. Anonymous Says:

    i say yes because what if they get lost they could just call there mom or there dad to come get them.

  84. MAD Says:


  85. JIMBOB Says:


  86. LilOw99 Says:

    I think kidz under age of 15 should not be allowed , and students who are allowed should use it probably like do not use it at classand keep it on silence mood !!

    in this way you can take the best solution =)

    am at high school and i think if cell phones are allowed or not we bring it =p

  87. Calamary Says:

    No th should not be alowed!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Anonymous Says:

    i think kids should be able to bring their phone for when an emergency happens what will your children do if they don’t have some deivice to call you with. it would be offly bad if something happened and you were not notifed of the situation. so i say YES to cell phones

  89. trevaughn Says:

    they should because if they got kidnapped by the icecream man

  90. tiffany melton Says:

    i think you should be allowed to have them during class change and during lunch because you dont have to worry about having to miss something in class that might be important because you are worried about something thats going on at home, so therefore you should be able to have them at lunch and during class changes bc you have less stress in class.

  91. Anonymous Says:

    cell phones are complete distractions and should not be allowed during school!

  92. stinky Says:

    cell phones should not be aloud because youmke sily mistakes

  93. stinky Says:

    no they make sily mistakes on test and they could get lost and its anoing having to hear all thos ring tones

  94. ksoder Says:

    i think cell phones should be aloud in schools in case of emerencys. However, they should be put away during educational classes. If students have fallen or gotten hurt and cant get up they should be able to contact a friend, parent, or teacher so they can help.

  95. fanta Says:

    i say yes what if theres a fight. what if a boy is chasing a girl to go out with

  96. Buy New Blackberry Battery Charger Says:

    @TedRubin Love your blog, Ted. Have a great day.

  97. ???? Says:

    do the right thing get ur child a aphone and they can or they cant

  98. conn Says:

    HECK YEAH BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Anonymous Says:

    heck yeah we should be able to have cell phones in school what if we are out of district kids and cant get a hold of your ride or not even that gettin home and seeing your door open and your parent arent home then what do youu do you cant call for help because you wasnt able to have your cell phone at school

  100. Mrs.hamilton Says:

    what if something happens(water beaks,etc……..) to(a pregnant person, etc……….) someone in the restroom and no one is around

  101. Mpumhiza Says:

    Having a cellphone at school can help u connect to the internet

  102. Emma Chaplin Says:

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they should not be banned but taken away from them at school!

  103. Anonymous Says:

    I think they should be allowed in all schools.
    -Cellphones should be allowed because they would allow us students to look up definitions either online or through a built in app.
    -Cellphones should be allowed in school because they provide access to the internet and a wide range of sources and articles for students to refer to.
    -Parents can contact their children in case of emergencies, and vice-versa.
    -Parents can know the whereabouts of their kids.
    -If your kid’s sports practice or any other activity after school is altered, he/she can call you up for an early pickup from school.
    -All phones are capable of voice recording and have inbuilt cameras which not only aid in recording lectures and taking snaps of projects and diagrams or assignments, but can also be used to capture special school memories.
    -Cell phones have calender, notes, tasks and reminder apps which helps students organize their work effectively.

    Source –

  104. sammy Says:

    well i belive it should be allowed

  105. joleen Says:

    I think call phones should be allowed in school because what if there is a emergence.

  106. Anonymous Says:

    Yes because they should be able to stay in touch for parents.

  107. anthony Says:

    yes cause i feel like texting in class and so my mom nose im save

  108. Jocelyn Says:

    I think phone should be allowed in school. If teachers are worry that when students use phone during class and will not pay attention, they could just buy a box with a lock in it. So whenever students entered the class, they would leave their phone in the box and class teacher will lock it. So, class teacher can unlock the box and they are able to use their phone during lunch break and after school only. Students should bring phone for emergency if the students had a sudden meeting or a sudden gathering, they could inform their parents about it. Besides, students can update their parents during lunch break so that their parents won’t be worry about them during school hours. I don’t think that taking picture of themselves in toilet could do any harm and it can even make a closer friendship. For lose and damage, you, teachers have always been telling this to us, “You bring your phone, its in your own responsibility”. So, why not treat this as a training, a training to train the students to be responsible in future.

  109. erika Says:

    i am using this for my essay for i.l.a

  110. whatsnow Says:

    if your phone is distacting u thats a good thing because its proven that if u are distracted u learn more its proven

  111. Bob Says:

    I Disagree with Simon Because i believe his a troll mobile phones should be banned because.

  112. Ayanda Says:

    It is wrong to bring a cell phone to school because you will lose your phone at school

  113. trolololol Says:

    i have to do this homework and i strongly believe that us kids need to take mobile phones to school

  114. Raegan Says:

    Omg I beilve that yes they should because
    1. It would help. You read better
    It Allows Sensitive Issues to be
    Kept Private

  115. habibah Says:

    i like your story
    i will use some of the information for my persuasive writing assessment tomorrow
    thx alot :D

  116. Sesetu Mapelo Says:

    Children are n0t alowd to bring cellph0nes at school…

  117. jehan Says:

    i think that smartphones with e readers with all the students textbooks on it could be very useful. it would also help the child to remember take notes such as ( notes , videos of the lesson and send them to student who were sick and had to miss school and they could take pictures of the board to remember notes ) > but otherwise cellphones can be a major distraction in class for smartphones can also have access to internet , music , texting and instant messaging . so i really am a little on both sides here . i think a tablet PC such as an iPad would be good for books and work which the student could just email to the teacher. these are my views. i also happen to be a student

  118. tyler Says:

    i am not sur wot 2 say coz there iz a positive nd a negative side 2 it.well if i had 2 deside i wud say yes yes yes yes yes yes phonez at xul mst b allowed y nt nd………

  119. marinepreservation Says:

    when i was a kid i brang a phone to school and i was only allowed to use it for emergencys and contacting my parents, i was taught all about what to do when ur cybrbullyed and how to safley use the internet. and my parents trusted me! :) I think phones should be allowed in school if children are responsable and they should only be used at the end of the day or for emergencys.

  120. Anonymous Says:

    yes i think student should bring mobile to school

  121. pragya Says:

    what is ur id anonymous

  122. Allie Roxx Says:

    Pragya that doesn’t adjust with the topic we are disscussing dude !! :D

  123. A Whitworth Says:

    I think Cell Phones should not be allowed in schools. This Website clearly shows that because nobody can spell any more.

  124. thats personal Says:

    yes the cell phones should be allowed in school for many many reasons…….. thank you it really helped a lot with what i am working with right now

  125. making baby Says:

    Hi there, I enjoy reading all of your article post.

    I like to write a little comment to support you.

  126. jill Says:

    they should not bring

  127. Anonymous Says:

    I think they should not bring a cell phone because it’s an distraction and there not mature enough

  128. anomynous Says:

    they’ll probably just lose there cell phone

  129. The Boss Says:

    What happened to the interative… with their friends etc., can’t they not talk directly to each other.. so much seacracy. No need for phones or IPods in Schools – they have phones for use. and you should at least remember where to call in the event of an emergency if you don’t then the school has the record. You don’t know your numbers … shame on you, seems like you will not become very much as you get older relying on too much technology, need ot keep focused and learn – thats what school is for.

  130. Anonymous Says:

    i like this it”s a good thing to look at

  131. hh Says:

    I think that we should be able to have cell phones because they have a right plus what if they have an emergency.

  132. Anonymous Says:

    kids should have phones in school

  133. kevin Says:

    kids should have cell phones in class

  134. Anonymous Says:

    yes i think that kids should have phones in school because if they need to search for info there have there phone with them and that would make there life easy

  135. Says:

    I’ve read several excellent stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how so much effort you put to make the sort of excellent informative web site.

  136. cell phone radiation only during calls Says:

    It is appropriate time to make some plans for the future and it’s time to be happy. I have read this post and if I could I wish to suggest you few interesting things or advice. Maybe you could write next articles referring to this article. I wish to read more things about it!

  137. Valerie Gago Says:

    Teacher can take their phones away during a test for they can’t cheat

  138. samsung smartphones Says:

    I constantly spent my half an hour to read this blog’s articles
    or reviews every day along with a cup of coffee.

  139. Urielxcx Says:

    Yes, they could use landlines in school than using cellphones but if this is the case than might make sense to do away with your landline completely and get rid over that monthly phone bill which can conclude £20 in takes alone! And why should students need phones for research when the school have computers, well conputers are fine l, but mobiles are better because doing a research in computers you still need to go to the lab for a research and its just a waste if time, walking going there just for a research rather than a mobile you just need to sit there and do the research. Cellphones should really be allowed in school, there are alot of reasons why cellphones are needed in school duh

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