Should Teachers be Forced to Learn Technology?

a-group-of-people-sit-in-front-of-computers-in-a-white-room-as-they-rbcm_541.jpgBy Paul Silli

By looking at my site it is easy to see I’m a huge supporter of using technologies in the classroom to promote learning and student interest. However, should teachers be forced to learn “techie” ways to teach? Absolutely not! Technology should only be seen as a valuable resource. Unfortunately, many school districts seem to be “forcing” teachers to learn new software programs and other technologies. There appears to be a “demand” that teachers consistently learn new methods for teaching without offering enough support. This is not always fruitful. 

For teachers to be successful using technology there needs to be a passion or desire behind the “resource” for it to work. For example, if a teacher is forced to learn and use a new software program they often will not have the interest, skills or enthusiasm to teach their students effectively with it.  

If teachers have an interest, and display dynamic energy in a subject lesson, this is much more likely to be successful then looking at “what the teacher used” to deliver the message. Students can tell when they look into your eyes if you are excited about a topic. If you love what you are teaching (no matter how you teach it) your students will appreciate your energy, and act accordingly. Using technology should be a fun and engaging method to reach students.

Instead of forcing teachers to learn techie skills, we should be encouraged to learn new ways to teach. Many school districts should change their approach when trying to get teachers to acquire new abilities. If teachers are encouraged — instead of forced to seek professional technology development it will promote amore healthy, positive atmosphere. What do you think about this issue?


One Response to “Should Teachers be Forced to Learn Technology?”

  1. Kacy T Says:

    You are right Paul. Teachrs should never be forced to learn new ways to teach. Many of our disctricts have a bully attitude toward this subject. Encourage is so much more appealing. Tech. is important, but at what emotioinal cost to to the teacher who is not comitted or not being trained right to use the tech. There has to be funded support to improve the skills of teachers. Sad though, we often have to learn this stuff on our own. grrr

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