Technology and Enrichment Homework

ks1119661.jpgBy Paul Silli

How do you use technology with your students for homework assignments? High school and college students have used computers for years to type and print homework. They also have used fancy calculators to solve & graph complex equations. And the Internet continues to be an awesome resource for researching term papers and writing reports.

I like to offer my kids the opportunity to perform research using the Internet and other electronic media where they get to choose what topic they want to learn about. This gives them the chance to “self-explore” various subjects that relate to my class. And by making the assignment “homework,” it enriches the students learning experience. It also is beneficial for students to enhance their creative skills by having them present the information they learned to classmates. When students are given the opportunity to decide what topic they will research, and then have to figure out how they will present it, their interest in the work appears to be better. 

Most kids enjoy making movies (MPEGS), performing PowerPoint-photo presentations, or showing what they learned in an innovative “techie” way. For example, one of my students gave an entire presentation using his cell-phone as the media device. Using his phone, he showed the class how Bluetooth-Technology is paving the way for the future by offering new wireless capabilities. This student did a great job with his presentation.

How are you enriching your student’s education through “techie” homework activities? I would enjoy hearing your ideas. 😉


One Response to “Technology and Enrichment Homework”

  1. Mike Connors Says:

    Truly you are using effective ways to reach your students, Paul. Good for you. I once had my students use their IPods to show the class pictures and music they like which told a little bit about themselves. With the IPods they played Podcasts to describe their personal interests. Podcast are a fun and somewhat new way to present info.

    Nice site. Thanks for your thougts.

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