Is Blogging for Everyone?

flag41.jpgBy Paul Silli

If you express yourself “freely” you will be beaten, jailed, and shot. Don’t forget, this is the way it was in America when King George III ruled. It is vital for people to have a free voice, if they so desire. However, blogging may not be for everyone. In fact, most people are readers in our world. They contribute by showing an interest in a writer’s voice. They do this by visiting your site, and on occasion, leave a comment. If someone leaves you a comment, it is a great compliment.

Getting Real 

To be clear, I didn’t even know what a “blog” was until I started my first graduate class. In my current course our professor had us make blogs as a reading tool. As I got into creating this blog, I started to enjoy it. Making the layout and researching stories was fun. But before you start wondering – what the heck is he thinkin, you have to know about my background… 

Before teaching, I was a public relations practitioner for Carnival Cruise Lines in Miami. While at Carnival I wrote press releases, and performed many desk-top-publishing tasks. In addition, prior to Carnival, I was a reporter for two newspapers in Gainesville, Florida. So, you have to understand writing and publishing is in my soul.    

Today, if you put the word BLOG in any search engine, you will find tons of people’s opinions. It is very easy to become overwhelmed at the number of blogs online. But there is a real solution. Just like when you pick stories to read in a newspaper, you have to decide what is interesting to you.   

Writing a blog can be fun. However, you should think before you publish. In an article from Yahoo Hot Jobs:, there are people getting fired from what they write. For example, there is a professor who commented about how attractive one of his students was on his blog, and lost his job because of it. After reading this story, it strengthened my belief you need to “be sure” of your message. You must have a voice in your blog, but be careful not to offend those you are writing about. As you know, words are very powerful. 

See tips for Writing a Great Blog:


4 Responses to “Is Blogging for Everyone?”

  1. More on blogging tips « Marching 7/4 Says:

    […] took me to a wonderful blog called Keeping Up with Trends , and from there I found his posts on Blogging Isn’t for Everyone and especially TIPS for Writing a Great Blog.   It’s nice when the computer searches out […]

  2. brentgwilson Says:

    You raise some good points about the potential dangers of open and free expression online. We leave a public record of our views and conversations. Usually that’s good, but it could come back to haunt us!

  3. gatorball Says:

    Thanks Brent. I agree. Some people leave public records online for the world to see without thinking of the outcome. It is crazy. 🙂

  4. ebzzqfybyeqan Says:

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