Protecting Kids, Dangers on the Internet

three-children-using-a-home-computer-bcp022-241.jpgBy Paul Silli

Animation, games, music, videos, research media, news…  pornography, predators, and crime; this is just a small range of topics our kids are exposed to while they are surfing the Internet. Obviously, using the net is a great tool for education. But how do we protect our children from the dangers on the Internet? It is a challenging task!

I was reading an article on, which was about informing kids of the positive and negative effects of using the Internet. It made me think of the things I’m doing to protect my family. So, I quickly jumped onto Google, and started to do some research. While visiting Protect Kids:, there were security software programs that have “filters” which control what your children can, and cannot see while they are on the Internet. These programs make parents the Internet gatekeepers.

Now, you may be an experienced surfer who is aware of this information, but I bet there are some people who do not know about Internet protection guidelines.

Here are two helpful websites:

ü      The Get Wise Organization teaches how to protect your children from pornography, predators, and other dangers on the net:

ü      On the Safe Families page:, there are many tutorials, safety news resources, FREE filtering programs, and parenting safety manuals… that can be immediately. It’s a good site.


What are you doing to protect your kids from the dangers on the Internet? Please let me know of other sites and resources.   


5 Responses to “Protecting Kids, Dangers on the Internet”

  1. Puykif.Com » Protecting Kids, Dangers on the Internet Says:

    […] wrote an interesting post today on Protecting Kids, Dangers on the InternetHere’s a quick […]

  2. Kader elle Says:

    Terrif, Paul. You can never get enough of this info. With things always changing. thanks.

  3. brentgwilson Says:

    My kids are in their 20s and 30s, so I don’t have the direct experience that some may have. I do agree that we need to keep in close touch with our kids’ Internet activity – by conversations with them and by occasional monitoring or intervention with the technology.

    On the other hand, we adults can get sidetracked and distracted online, just like our kids! Who’s gonna help us?

  4. gatorball Says:

    LOL… Yeah, noone is watching us. Unless you call the watcher WIFE! Now this wife deal can be quite the monitor. There is a lot of filtering software available that should help a bit.

  5. luktixe cedomg Says:

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