TIPS for Writing a Great Blog

By Paul Silli

So, you want to tell the world about an issue you feel needs to be addressed. You have a strong opinion, and want your message to be heard. Or maybe, you just like sharing your thoughts about a sport you enjoy, or want to offer your favorite recipes. If this is true, then maybe writing a blog is for you.  

There are many factors to consider before you start publishing your ideas. For example, what kind of voice do you want? Think about it. Are you angry about a situation, happy, or sad? How do you feel about your message? Your voice is important. When writing a blog you should use many adjectives to describe how you feel such as: amaze, captivate, challenge, fascinate, fulfill, encourage, astound, relax, thrill, intrigue… Some negative adjectives: aggravate, annoy, devastate, discourage, dismay, sicken, upset, and unnerve…Visit: for more.

Now that you have thought about your blog voice, the next step is to determine your audience. Who do you want to read your messages? For example, are you an educator who is attempting to appeal to teachers in the field, or are you maybe a mechanic who is giving tips in automotive repair. Whatever your angle, it should be directed to a specific audience. Meaning, you want to try to have a theme or subject area your readers can identify with. Here are more suggestions for writing a blog.

10 TIPS ↓

1. Be Passionate 
A lot of people like blogs because they are curious by nature, and want to know what other people think. It is important to freely express yourself. Don’t hold back! “Tell it like it is.” 

2. Offer Links
Support your stories & opinions with links to other web pages that back up your ideas. Visit this link on how to cite your sources using APA style:

3. Writing Less can be More
Avoid being wordy. Express your thoughts, but do not be redundant. Get to the point!

4. Short posts are Better
A long post can be difficult to follow. Try to write no more than 500 words, depending on the subject. Also, limit your writing to 3 to 5-paragraphs per story. Keep things brief. 

5. Make Headlines Catchy
Contain your argument or main statement in your headline title. Research national newspapers to see how this is done. Visit this link for examples:

6. Write a Hook-Lead Sentence

Get your readers interested in your story within the first sentence. See how to write a good lead:

7.  Bullets, Graphics, & Tables 
Listing information creates structure, and makes it easier to read. Including graphics grabs the attention of a reader, and enhances interest (The graphic or image should relate to your story). Also, add tables if you have complex data in your story so it’s easier to understand.

8. Consistent Style
Once you have a style or design for your blog, stick with it. This includes the type of font you use. Good, legible universal fonts are Times New Roman, Bookman, and Arial.  

9. Offer Keywords in Bold or use Color
Think about what keywords people would use to search for your post and include them in the body text and headers of your story. Bold or color the words for effect. 

10. EDIT 
Before you post your blog, re-read it, and then re-read it again. Poor grammar, spelling issues, and a messy design can make your audience think you are sloppy, and damage your credibility.  

I hope this information was useful. Good luck with your blog. Let me know if there is anything else I can address. 


28 Responses to “TIPS for Writing a Great Blog”

  1. blogdelflash Says:

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  2. Betsy Says:


    Thanks for the blogging tips. These are interesting and will likely be useful.

  3. hbohn Says:

    Thanks for your ‘Tips for Writing a Great Blog,’ they were very helpful. I find myself being too wordy so I need work on getting to the point. A lot of the tips listed tie in with the other online class I am taking right now on Multimedia Design. It is nice when the things you are learning in one class are applicable to the other.

  4. gatorball Says:

    Thanks for all of the POSITIVE remarks readers. You rock! I am glad the tips were helpful.

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    […] Now, if blogging is for you, then go for it! Just be careful what you write. Remember, writing is an honor. See Tips to Writing a Great Blog: […]

  6. More on blogging tips « Marching 7/4 Says:

    […] with Trends , and from there I found his posts on Blogging Isn’t for Everyone and especially TIPS for Writing a Great Blog.   It’s nice when the computer searches out great advice for me, without my even looking […]

  7. brentgwilson Says:

    This sounds so authoritative – where did you learn that “expert” voice?

    Good set of recommendations – I agree with all of them!

  8. gatorball Says:

    Thanks for the positive comments Brent. This teacher I know mentioned the voice thing… and I kinda took it from there. lol

  9. asdf Says:

    Thanks bro! Real good work!a

  10. pomn Says:

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  11. iou Says:

    Good site – you\’re a pretty good writer.”

  12. Paul Says:

    I appreciate all of your positive, nice comments. Thanks. I hope it was helpful.

  13. Kim Says:

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  14. dok Says:

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  15. Helga Says:

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  16. Bill Says:

    Lucky to find you, keep on the good workk guys! Best of luck.

  17. NiniTooxLip Says:

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  18. Paul Says:

    Big thanks for your comments and feedback everyone. I really appreciate it. 🙂

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